Feta Saganaki, a delightful Greek appetizer, features thick slices of feta cheese that are dredged in flour, fried until golden and crispy, and drizzled with honey or topped with a zesty tomato sauce. This indulgent dish boasts a contrast of textures, with a crunchy exterior giving way to a creamy, tangy center. Served hot and bubbling, Feta Saganaki delights the palate with its rich flavors and is often enjoyed as a shared appetizer or mezze dish alongside crusty bread. With its simplicity and irresistible taste, Feta Saganaki is a must-try for any lover of Greek cuisine.

Have you ever tried fried feta saganaki?

Sure you have, it’s Greek.

But what you need to make a delicious feta saganaki?

A piece of feta cheese, some flour and of course Greek olive oil.

OK, and a pan.

Fry it by both sides and enjoy.

That’s it?

Watch up, it’s hot.


What? It’s delicious.

It’s Greek and delicious. 

And if you are in the business, contact us; you never know.


And don’t forget. Keep a piece of feta out of the pan for your Greek salad!

- It's Greek and delicious team

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